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Writer's Block

2008-08-03 07:04:26 by DJPIRO

so i haven't been dishing out songs like i use to anymore..
can't get in that "techno-making mood" as i like to call it.
lack of inspiration maybe? idk.
what do you guys do to overcome writer's block?


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2008-08-03 09:03:42

I overcame my writer's block by becoming writer's block.
Getting past a creative ditch is about your mentality. Do you want to create new stuff? Try a different style, or just try and work through it. I'm constantly trying new things, and scrapping them shortly after, I don't let myself get bogged down by a lack of creativity or inspiration. If you can learn to adapt to your mood, you should be able to make music whenever it suits you. Also, if you reconsider a chunk of time where you're unable to do anything as a chunk of time where you don't have to do anything, like a break from producing music, you won't feel the pressure of being "blocked", as you can make the decision to stop until you're ready, tackle the situation on your terms. Also, if you work without trying to create anything solid, just making a riff, or something like that, and scrapping it, I find that handy too. Just recently I've been playing around with drum samples, creating some interweaving rhythms and then deleting it, so that next time I actually try to work on something, I'm a little more familiar and ready to go with that particular segment of the music. But I guess the problem changes from person to person. If someone were to look at my creative processes over my music making "career", for lack of a better word, they might say that I've had quite a few writer's blocks, but the way I see it, I've had none. It's about the mentality and perception.
Oh, and try not to pressure yourself with dates for releasing music unless you can be damn sure, it's just a recipe for catastrophe.
I don't know why I wrote so much, I just saw "Writer's Block" on the blog and I was instantly drawn to it for some strange reason =P but I hope my insight helps.
Good luck.

DJPIRO responds:

hey thanks for your comment.. sorry i didn't respond sooner,
been really busy this last week and haven't had time.
but everything you said makes perfect sense to me.
i'm definitely going to approach songs with that mentality from now on.
thanks for your advice.
nice to see responses on ng that are actually well-thought out lol.
best of luck to you. message me anytime.


2008-09-02 08:37:00

I listen to and rape my ears with about 30,000 different techno tracks.